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For over 45 years we have produced grape concentrates and grape juices at our plant in Acampo, located in the Northern part of the San Joaquin Valley, Northern California. The region known as district 11, has produced a mix of quality and abundance grapes for many years allowing us to supply a number of industries with grape concentrates and grape juices. Wineries all over the United States have used grape concentrates to produce wine, enhance the wines they have as well as supplement production needs. Home Wine Kit manufactures have used grape concentrates for many years developing wine makers and wine drinkers. Food and Beverage manufacturers are beginning to realize the health benefits of natural grape products. Every day we explore ways to produce better products through sustainable living, reducing our consumption of fossil fuels, we strive to be a better partner with our community and steward of our planet.

Grape juices for wine making in commercial and home production has been one of our specialties via the HOME WINE BRAND since the 70's. Through advances in processing techniques and better clones of grape varieties, grape juices continue to improve year after year in quality which at attributes to better wines. Through research we have determined that grapes used for grape juice and grape concentrates require less pesticides and gentler farming practices which in turn, protect and preserve our environment.

Our family of products now include Malt Extracts, Artisan Wine Vinegars, Organic Juices, Organic Concentrates, Organic Vinegars, Grape Seeds, Grape Skins and Hi-Colour Grape Concentrates. As a supplier of a number of diverse industries we will work hard to supply and support our customers with the highest quality products yet keeping in mind a constant thought of better living!