About Us

For over 45 years, California Concentrate Company has produced high quality grape and fruit concentrates and juices at our plant in Acampo, California, located in the Northern San Joaquin Valley.  The region is world renowned for its ability to yield an abundance of crops, especially grapes. Dennis Alexander began the company to produce grape concentrates for wineries and home winemakers alike.

Today, wineries across the United States use our grape concentrates to supplement their needs and enhance their wines. Concentrate can add sweetness, balance acidity, and round out the wine, especially on the mid-palate. Home winemakers use grape concentrates to not only produce their own wines, but also to develop their skills and expand their knowledge of winemaking. The food and beverage industries are able to utilize grape concentrates as natural grape products.

Advances in processing technologies and improved viticultural practices have led grape quality to improve year after year. Through research we have determined that grapes used for our juice and concentrates require less pesticides and gentler agricultural practices which, in turn, protect and preserve our environment. Our goal is to offer the best winemaking products available on the market by using sustainable farming and manufacturing processes while reducing our carbon footprint.

California Concentrate Company is proud to announce that we now offer fruit concentrates. Using a proprietary base blend of grapes, we add high-quality natural flavorings to create concentrates that have endless application possibilities across various industries, including food, beverage, and pharmaceutical. Our entire family of products now include liquid malt extracts, artisan organic wine vinegars, grape juices, grape concentrates, hi-color grape concentrates, grape seeds, grape skins, and PNF® fruit concentrates. We also have custom manufacturing capabilities that include processing, evaporating, and blending all kinds of fruit products. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!